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September 27th, 2016 at 2:05am

This look encompasses everything beautiful about the art of personal, yet casual, clothing for class. I always wonder if sometimes a look is too dressy or too put together for a nine AM lecture and I find myself searching through vast amounts of different combinations of pieces (if you haven’t been late to class at least once for doing this you’re lying).  But what bothers me even more, is if my look doesn’t have any items that are significant to me. Even something as simple as wearing a ring your parents got you can make your outfit feel more you leading you to become even more comfortable in your clothing choice.

This Fashionista’s outfit shows the perfect balance between comfortable and trendy. Her army green cut-out cotton dress is a simple item with just the right amount of uniqueness. The dress can be easily worn day-to-night, which is another thing to love if you’re on a college budget (holler). The Fashionista chose to pair her dress with Converse sneakers she custom made herself. This is a great way to add some personal flair to your outfits instead of standard sneakers that a lot of other people choose to wear.

The best part of this Fashionista’s outfit is all her amazing accessories. The necklaces are both intriguing pieces, each coming homemade from various businesses. The delicate, beaded choker adds a more feminine feel to the outfit as a whole. Something as little as adding a nice beaded choker instead of a harsh black choker can change the entirety of the look that you’re going for. Try finding something local that not a lot of people would have!

The second necklace this Fashionista chose was picked up in her travels to the Chelsea Market. There are so many different places to look for jewelry that tells a story instead of shopping at a department store. To complete the look, this Fashionista chose to add dramatically shaped sunglasses.

 Be creative with the locations you purchase your accessories from. It can sometimes be inconvenient or expensive to find the right piece you’re looking for, but it will be worth it when it complements your personal style.