ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cuff-linked and Ready

As the spring begins to roll in, more and more formal events are making their way into the college scene. You name it—semi-formal, commencement or a number of different Greek-life related fiascos—spring welcomes an increased population of dresses and ties. For me, I am guilty of having too many dresses in my closet. Yet, somehow, I find a justifiable reason to purchase even more for formal events. I’m definitely not alone on these guilty purchases! On the other end of the spectrum, in a few of my guy friends’ world specifically, they say it takes them about 10 minutes to get ready and that they also have one or two outfits in which they switch between for upscale events. I can’t say that that’s a bad idea; I would suggest, however, having a few outfits with staple pieces that can be opted out to create more than two looks.

Today’s Fashionisto is sporting an ideal and versatile look for a formal event on campus. Although an overall simple look, his outfit contains pieces that are perfect to be switched out for more looks. Whether it be his pants or shoes, his classic collarless button-down is the perfect base and staple piece to his look. One of the smallest details in his outfit that is not only a great accessory, but also a great piece to be opted out and switched, are his cuff links. A small detail, yes, but cuff links act as jewelry for men and come in so many shapes and styles. In fact, this Fashionisto mentioned his collection of cuff links back home.

To top off the look, he added a pair of classic brown loafers that were not too casual, yet not too fancy, along with a navy rain jacket (isn’t it too soon for April showers?). Overall, this Fashionisto’s look is very classy and understated, but the perfect look for versatility. Just like a statement necklace tops off a look for us females, cuff links can do the same even in the smallest way for men.

How To: Begin with a pair of patterned dress pants to add more detail to the look. Alongside, add a simple and classic dress shirt, that can have cufflinks added of course, for the base to any formal look.