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You can make any ordinary outfit into something chic with the right accessories and styling. For example, buttoning up a shirt creates a fashionable, classic look. Accessorizing with a plethora of gold bracelets and jewelry adds shine to any bland outfit and makes it something a little more glamorous.

This Fashionisto exemplifies all of these qualities, but he especially shows off his cuffed slacks. His outfit includes a brightly colored floral button-up, gray slacks, gold bracelets, brown oxfords and black sunglasses. When styling this look, he strategically decided to cuff his pants to create a more relaxed, casual look. His outfit looks effortless, a perfect outfit to roam around the farmers’ market or have a coffee date with a friend in. His brightly floral shirt screams summer and proves that guys can have fun with colorful floral too!

How To: You must have seen a lot of guys roll up one pant sleeve while riding a bike. The idea is the same, but do it on both legs! You can do this trend with any kind of pants: jeans, khakis, slacks and chinos. Pair these pants with something similar, like what this Fashionisto did, and find a colorful button-up or something simple, like a plain white T-shirt. Accessorize your outfit with gold bracelets or maybe even a cool watch. Finally, try on a variety of fun sunglasses and find ones that fit your face. Take a risk and choose a few that you wouldn’t normally wear, such as something with mirrored lenses or patterned frames. Remember that it’s summer, so it’s a great time to experiment with fun, colorful trends!