ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crystal Contrast

March 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

Transitioning from winter to spring tends to be difficult, especially because of unpredictable and ever fluctuating temperatures. Even though it is too early to move back into our dress and shorts, it is time to store all those heavy sweaters and bundled layers for the rest of the school year.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfectly proportioned and perfect for the transitioning season. The main focus is the crystal statement necklace that contrasts the rest of the outfit. She wears a black halter tank top with black leggings for a comfortable and casual look that is perfect for a busy day of classes and meetings around campus. In case of brisk weather, she wears black canvas TOMS shoes and a light wash chambray shirt, which contrasts the mostly monochromatic nature of the ensemble. The crystal statement necklace makes an otherwise understated outfit stand out among the dark colors, hence why it is called a statement necklace. Adding a more colorful necklace can also make the outfit unique and stand out even more. This outfit can be worn in multiple variations just by changing the necklace!

How To: This is an easy look to replicate! Simply pair any type of pants, such as jeans, leggings or khakis, with a tank top and a button-up shirt. To make the statement necklace stand out, wear a top with a high neckline. This allows for greater contrast between the necklace and the shirt, making the necklace the main emphasis of the outfit.