ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crossing Over to the Bright Side

June 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s summer, right? It seems like Mother Nature and Chicago are not getting along too well this past week. It’s either raining and humid or sunny and chilly. Finally though, the sun is peaking through the clouds and there is hope for warmer days!

Warmer days typically mean that brighter, more neon colors begin to grace the surface again. Whether it’s incorporated in an article of clothing or just as an accessory, it’s always summer when the happy colors are around.

This Fashionista is sporting a neon red kate spade cross-body bag to add some spunk to her outfit. Cross-body bags are the perfect summer staple because they add flare to any basic outfit and they keep you handsfree to enjoy all the activities you may be doing.

When choosing the right cross-body bag, it is important to keep in mind fashion and functionality. First, decide on either a color, a pattern or both. Next, think about the essentials you will need to be carrying on the daily: phone, wallet, keys and maybe a camera or extra makeup (this will help you determine the right size for your bag). This trend is trying to help us girls steer away from the oversized “potato sack” bags, so only pack the bare necessities. Lastly, choose quality over the name.The right cross-body will be your grab-and-go purse for the summer and it will need to withstand not only the elements, but the tugging and pulling on the strap and so forth. Make sure you inspect before you buy and select one that won’t require you to tie the straps together in bows just to keep the bag from suddenly becoming a clutch.

This week’s Fashionista completes her look with a basic T-shirt and utility jacket combo, black leggings, a pair of leopard print slip-on sneakers and of course, some Dunkin’ iced coffee (the most important of the fashion accessories). All these items go together seamlessly for a day of walking through the city!

How to: Base the outfit around the bag. Keep the look simple and calm so the bag can make the ultimate statement.