It’s a shame, truly, polka-dot prints are often looked over because they remind most of the curtains at their grandma’s house. When you really think about it, your grandma had some pretty fashionable curtains after all. Polka-dots come in a variety of sizes and colors and sky rocket in popularity during the spring and summer months. When I saw this Fashionista walking around campus, I knew I had to get all the dotted details.

Dressed in head to toe Forever 21, our Fashionista filled me in on her outfit choice of the day. While she wouldn’t necessary consider this dressy, she would wear it to her club meetings where there is no dress code. For simplicity, she could easily show up in her comfiest pair of leggings and a T-shirt but wanted to make sure she presents herself nicely to her fellow classmates.

The crop top is the eye catcher of this outfit. You can’t deny the appeal of the white on black. The dainty polka-dots took a simple crop top to a whole other level and could easily be worn without any jewelry. The sheer material makes it perfect for summer when temperatures in our area are coming close to 95 degrees. To add some color to the neutral top, our Fashionista added a pair of high-waisted maroon shorts. Maroon is typically known as a fall color but when mixed with other shades, it translates perfectly into a summer outfit.

To finish off the look, she added a peach, floral statement necklace. Statement necklaces are an easy way to add some dimension to an outfit. In our Fashionista’s case, she added layers of dimension by mixing the intricate necklace with the detailed polka-dots.

How To: If you are hesitant about patterns, fear no more. Small polka-dots are an easy way to transition yourself in. By starting off easy with just a polka-dotted shirt, you can add other solid pieces to feel more subtle.