ALL IN THE DETAILS: Crocheted Crop

Hello fall! It’s so nice to walk outside and not instantly melt from the heat and humidity! Here in South Carolina, it sometimes feels as if this season will never come. Summer drags on into late October and you’ve worn all your shorts so many times, they should be ripping at the seams. Even though it’s a long wait, the mild fall weather can be a great opportunity to combine your summer and winter clothes together. You can finally pull out your jeans but you can still wear your summer crop tops and tank tops well into the fall months. Pairing your summer staples with some new fall pieces is just what you need to revamp your wardrobe and get excited to get dressed up again. I personally love to see what the Fashionistas/os here on campus will come up with and how they will utilize the latest fall trends.

Sporting a super fun fall look is a fellow Fashionista. She is pairing her latest fall pieces with her super flirty summer top. This crocheted cropped halter is an awesome piece that you could make work for any season. The color and the shape are super versatile. It can pair with summer brights as well as muted fall and winter colors. You could even rock it at the pool as a swimsuit top if you really wanted. It’s an item that’s bound to pull a lot of compliments and always make you feel great. Today, she is paring it with high-waisted jeans and booties. She’s really vamped up her look by piling on the accessories. This is a great way to take an outfit to the next level. The layered necklaces are on-trend for fall and her wide brimmed black hat is always a classic. This whole look comes together in a very edgy and exciting way and I have to say it was definitely one of the most fun Fashionista photo shoots I’ve done.

How To: To rock this look, you can’t be afraid to wear your summer tops during other seasons. Make your favorite tank tops work for all year and be daring in your pairing.