Move over lace, there’s a new clothing technique in town: crochet! Fashionistas/os are constantly on the lookout for new patterns to decorate and amp up their already impressive ensembles. He or she hunts for the perfect outfit that combines classic silhouettes with eye-catching details. As any fashion-forward guru knows, the details of an outfit can make or break it. One can elevate a seemingly simple outfit by choosing a piece that can both bring the ensemble together and set the look apart. Crochet, the process of interlocking loops of thread to create incredible patterns, is a way to make your outfit stand out.

This Fashionista’s look stuck out to me because of its beautiful simplicity. Although there are no statement or overwhelming pieces to this look, the outfit is still turning heads (or mine at least). Her choice of pairing a breezy romper with a neutral toned cross-body and cool toned booties shows that she can command the room, without overdoing it.

The detail that steps the outfit up a notch is the crocheted design in the center of her romper. My eyes immediately turned to this detail because of its complexity and beauty. The central placement of the detailing brings attention to the romper, but also makes the accessories pop. This design formalizes the outfit, allowing her to rock this look in a multitude of atmospheres. Our Fashionista could wear this look to a country festival, fabulous luncheon or a night out with the girls, and stand out in all three occasions.

How To: Thinking of replicating this look? It’s simple! Just grab a pair of neutral wedges, a jewel-toned necklace and a crochet-embellished dress!