ALL IN THE DETAILS: Covered in Character

September 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

How someone dresses can reveal a lot about an individual. Sometimes style choices expose an interest, a talent or in this Fashionista’s case, both. With majority of her outfit following a black and white palette, her hand-painted canvas cross-body bag cannot go unnoticed.

Not only is this Fashionista exposing her artistic talents, but she is also flaunting her major. On her bag you can find characters from various shows and movies, and going to school for Film and Television allows her to transform her passion into a statement piece. If you really pay attention to detail, you can even notice this Fashionista rocking some school pride on her wrist.

What makes this bold statement bag work is the rest of this Fashionista’s outfit choices. Though the cross-body has a lot of character (both figuratively and literally), it is important to not overwhelm the bold accessory with clothing and accessory selections. The fun patterned T-shirt dress adds a girly and effortless feel. The light tan strap of the bag contrasts strongly against the dress. This is helpful because it draws attention to the bag itself. I also love the subtle accessory choices that add a flirty and vintage vibe to the outfit. The braided, black choker necklace takes us back to the ‘90s. Her black Birkenstocks paired with the T-shirt dress really create an easy-going and casual look.

I love it when an outfit can serve as a quick summary of someone’s interest and this outfit is jam-packed with personality that mirrors the Fashionista’s bubbly smile.

How To: Incorporate your interests and your talents into your outfit. Find an accessory that is plain, like a canvas tote, and then personalize the piece and turn it into a statement. The piece you create isn’t limited to painting, or to bags. For choosing clothing pieces, it’s important to be selective and pick pieces that will not take away from your personal statement accessory. Aim for more casual dresses or tops and remember to keep your other, non-statement accessories to a minimum. For example, if you decide to make a statement necklace, do not overwhelm it with dangling earrings. Also, keep the shoes casual and comfortable. People will be following you all around campus wanting to know where you got your cute accessory!