ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cotton Candy You Can Wear

Cotton candy is one of my favorite snacks to have. I don’t ever feel guilty about eating it because it’s just so yummy. When I look at this Fashionista’s outfit, it reminds of of the traditional flavors of cotton candy! I love me some pink vanilla and blue raspberry. A sweet color combination that brings me back to the days of getting those giant cotton candies at different carnivals and festivals.

I love how this Fashionista has a color scheme throughout her whole outfit. It allows for every small detail to work cohesively together. The blue and pink colors can be seen on her socks, in her bracelets and her necklaces. The idea of using those colors that complement each other very well allows for this outfit to catch your attention. It makes you want to look and think about cotton candy or anything else that is blue and pink.

The dress itself is fitted, allowing for a perfectly glammed up look, but the accessories allow it to become a casual outfit. Her shoes remind me of the ’90s, when jelly shoes were in style. I remember having a pair of them when I was a kid. She has heeled ones, which allows for her legs to stand out and complement the length of the dress. Usually, I am not a fan of socks and shoes. However, this Fashionista has this trend and she does it well! I love how her socks match her dress and she has them folded up part of the way to help show the stripe detailing, but not have the length of the socks offset the length of the dress. Her necklaces are another small detail that gives the outfit even more character. She follows the blue and pink color scheme, and has necklaces that are above her neckline. By having the length of the necklaces be shorter than the neckline, it allows for the necklace detailing to be shown, but it does not distract our attention from the dress. Finding the perfect length in a necklace is hard but she does this so well.

How To: Add a two color vertical stripped bodycon dress; any color you want is great. Mix colors and have those colors be used in the whole outfit, creating a cohesive and stylish look.