Who says that when summer’s over that you have to cover up and show no skin? Well, this Fashionista makes this summer dress all ready for fall. Although, I love fall colors and cozying up in warm sweaters, this fall outfit utilizing a summer dress is a perfect way to stand out this fall.

This outfit is centered around a summer dress, but it isn’t just a normal summer dress. The cutouts are a detail that no one will be able to forget. The cutouts by the waist give a fun and flirty flare to this fall outfit. Plus, the bright red color still fits in with fall color schemes. Don’t be scared about getting cold, pairing this dress with high boots and a cardigan helps keep you warm and looking cute!

The dress’s bright color and cutouts draw the viewer’s eyes straight to it. So keeping the cardigan and boots in a neutral color allows all attention to be on the cutouts. Keeping things neutral definitely doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Laced up boots are super cute to add to this outfit and are very trendy. Having them lace all the way up draws the eyes upward; therefore, focusing on the cutouts. For the cardigan, make it chunky and knit to add some texture and also warmth to the look.

How To: Don’t be afraid to stand out and try this look this fall. Take a bright, fall-ish colored dress and make sure it has cutouts. Next, find a super chunky and warm cardigan to layer on top. Finally, lace up some tall boots. Add in some long socks to stay extra warm.