ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cool And Comfortable

Who said comfortable can’t be chic? Rather, who said comfortable can’t be cool? This Fashionista proves that you can have your cake and eat it to with this lethally cool outfit. Seriously! One look at this outfit and you will overdose from coolness. She takes casual to a whole new level by making leggings look chic, a hard feat for any Fashionista. How, one may ask? The task, though it may look difficult, it is actually fairly simple. The first step is confidence. No look, whether cool or uncool, can be pulled off without confidence.

We have all been blessed with a unique sense of style and physical features. Rock what you’ve got! The second step is details. For Veronica the details contain: carefully rolled sleeves, a masculine cross body bag, sturdy strapped booties and artfully curled hair with minimal makeup. She is the embodiment of cool! To be honest, this look reminds me of one of my favorite road tripping outfits. I enjoy paring my button-down chambray top with a T-shirt underneath (especially one of the striped variety) and dark leggings. In my own version of the look I wear my white Converse. I hadn’t previously thought of exchanging my well loved converse for booties, but after seeing this look I might have to give it a try.

How To: Take that plain jane look to the next level by adding a dash of coolness. A tool from this Fashionista’s toolbox: roll up your sleeves, wear that oversized T-shirt, and let your hair run free. Do it all with confidence; that’s the best accessory anyone can wear.