ALL IN THE DETAILS: Concrete Jungle

After several months of winter, it can be hard to inspire oneself to dress creatively. When the city looks so stiflingly monochromatic—a blur of white and gray—it’s no surprise that its inhabitants start to emulate that. Not to mention the bitter Toronto weather (how is it that March was colder than February?). The amount of head-to-toe black and gray outfits in the city starts to become predictably dull, so it’s exciting to see someone take a chance with their winter attire. 

If you’re looking to shake up the monotony of winter dressing, take a note from this
Fashionista’s outfit. The statement leopard print coat not only looks incredibly cozy, but it also manages to be extremely chic (not always an easy feat for a print as loud as leopard). 
She paired it with a steely, silver dress, which cools down the excitement of the coat while still standing out. She’s also rocking a green Guess purse, which has just enough of a gray undertone to fit right in with the metallic dress. 

And check out the Michael Kors boots she’s wearing, which seem surprisingly manageable in the city slush. Their combat boot style gives her outfit just enough edge to make the look a little more casual—perfect for grabbing some cocktails after an evening lecture. The whole aesthetic screams urban concrete jungle. With warm weather within our reach, it’s good to remember that there really are no rules in fashion. There’s no reason to wait until the flowers bloom for you to start dressing with spring in mind.