ALL IN THE DETAILS: Complementary Is Complimentary

This week, we go back to one of the most rudimentary principles of style: color. Despite my wardrobe consisting of mostly black, white and gray, I like having a pop of color every now and then. On particular days, I like getting out of my comfort zone and experimenting with different combinations. Bold color combinations can spice up any sort of outfit; that’s why I have always been a fan of pairing two complementary colors together in one look. These colors will emphasize each other; with the right styling, they will be sure to turn some heads, too.

This Fashionista chose to center her outfit around these deep blue and orange colors. It’s vibrant, fun and great for the summer season. I love that her wedge sandals match the orange pigment in the dress perfectly. However, the bodycon dress is evidently the key item of this outfit. Its eye-catching print makes the outfit stand out and pulls the entire look together. The navy blue cardigan softens the look, as it counterbalances the bold geometric print of the bodycon dress. Having good balance is essential to ensure that the Fashionista isn’t giving off a, “Hey, look at me! Look at me!” type of persona. Even her glasses match the entire look! This outfit is ideal for brunch or even a simple dinner with the girls.

How To: Choose two colors that are located across from each other on a standard color wheel. Focus on collecting pieces that have this sole color palette. A nice form-fitting statement dress, like this Fashionista’s, is always a safe choice.