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While trying to dress comfy for class, don’t think that it means you have to look like a slob; this Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect example of staying comfortable and looking chic while doing so!

The key to this kind of outfit is to keep your main pieces simple and add a bunch of efficient accessories to complete your look. The main piece of this outfit is an oversized, acid wash hoodie that is just short of acceptable to be worn as a dress. Instead of pairing this hoodie with some baggy old sweats, this camouflage skirt peeping out of the bottom paired with sheer black stockings pulls this outfit together for a much more presentable look.

Another thing that makes this outfit so on trend is the velvet! These velvet booties and velvet mini backpack work together to make a stylish statement while also being super useful. This backpack is the perfect size to carry all of your going-to-class necessities such as your phone, wallet, granola bar, pens, and a notepad. The backpack is decorated with a pink pompom keychain that adds a girly pop of color to any monochromatic outfit.

Chokers have obviously been a huge trend and I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope they’re here to stay. This simple black choker is spiced up with a rose charm, and serves as the perfect accessory to add to this outfit.

The purple lipstick assists in the presentation of the girly color scheme and is such a quick and easy thing to add that enhances the entire look to make a bold, fashion forward statement.  And, my favorite accessory of all…SUNNIES! I am a sunglasses aficionado and love that they are both practical and stylish. They are efficient in blocking the sun, pushing your hair back, and finishing off any outfit for an effortlessly chic look.

While this look is otherwise pretty simple, the accessories are what really personalizes the outfit and makes it a one of a kind look.