July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

Oftentimes, people think of basic outfits built with jeans and a T-shirt as not being as cute or pretty as other trendier looks. I found this Fashionista walking back to her house when she was at a coffee shop. What a comfy and cute way to walk to get coffee? While the Fashionista is only wearing jeans, flip flops and a T-shirt this Fashionista really caught my eye.

This Fashionista is wearing denim jeans, a vintage Bob Marley graphic T-shirt and some casual flip-flops. Graphic T-shirts are very trendy right now and are one of the most comfiest garments to own. This Fashionista threw her hair in a cute messy top bun to top off her casual look and put a light shade of lipstick on. This final touch makes her outfit even cuter than before.

To top off the outfit, she threw on her every day rings and cute diamond earrings. I love the sass in this outfit and how it has the perfect amount of quirky and cute to draw the perfect amount of attention to her style. This casual outfit is also a great chance to show some personality with graphic T-shirts. Find your niche in graphic T-shirts to show off the things you like!

How To: To take inspiration from this Fashionista’s comfy outfit, start with a simple pair of your favorite denim pants and your favorite graphic T-shirt. Accessorize with one or two pieces of jewelry. This Fashionista added earrings and rings to complete her look. Your look could include anything from funky sunglasses to bracelets or even a simple necklace! You decide!