Most of us are getting into the swing of going back to school. Though you all may want to stand out and make good impressions and wear your the cutest outfit in our closet, you may want to think again, especially you Fashionista’s on college campuses.

The thing about college is that you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so here’s the secret: comfort is key. Do yourself a favor and try to avoid wearing heels to school, especially if you know you’re going to be walking from one end of the campus to the next. The biggest trend on campus that will cater to your comfort needs are a good pair of Nike sneakers. They provide your feet with the comfort you need as if you’re walking on clouds! These sneakers are sporty, yet chic, giving any look some edge.

This Fashionista pulls together the perfect back-to-school outfit, staying comfortable and cozy in her monochrome look. She keeps it simple with jeans and a tank top but it’s the little details in her outfit that make the look chic and stylish. To spice up a regular tank top, add a lace bralette underneath to add a feminine and bohemian look. Also, you can always glam yourself up with a beautiful gold watch, which will be necessary to keep you on time for your classes!

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look would have to be the fluff key chain, which is such a cute touch to her bold and fierce shoulder bag. The fluff key chain is another huge trend that I absolutely love this fall, because it can add so much personality to your keys or your purse.

The best way to liven up your comfy look is to add bold accessories such as gold jewelry, cute key chains and statement shoes.

How To: Bralettes are so cute, yet they can be tricky to show off! They’re just like bras, so most of the time, they’re going to stay hidden under your shirt. How can you make your bralette stand out in your outfit? Find a shirt with the perfect neckline, which will allow your bralette to peep out and the most flattering way. Try a V-neck shirt or a muscle tee.

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