ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combat Boots and Utility Jackets

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Combat Boots and Utility Jackets

Happy February! With the weather being rainy and windy one day to mid 50’s and warm the next, Chicago never fails to surprise me. This year, it looks like the groundhog saw his shadow because it is still as cold and stormy as ever in the Midwest. With six more weeks of winter in store for the midwest, I would keep those sweaters and light jackets in the front of your closet, because with this crazy weather you’ll be needing them more than ever.

This Fashionista is sporting a green army jacket, which happens to be one of my favorite late winter essentials. Within the last couple of years, these jackets have re-emerged in the world of fashion. I find tons of them at thrift stores and in the vintage sections of antique stores.

To add onto this cute and easygoing look, she added light wash jeans and a gray crew neck to complement her army jacket. A big tip would be to layer, layer, layer! With this crazy weather it is important to wear layers, especially when walking to class, so that the Midwest wind doesn’t blow through your clothing.

I strongly believe that the best way to accessorize an outfit is with jewelry and hats. They add onto an outfit and should ultimately tie the entire outfit together. This Fashionista is wearing a black beanie and a black plastic choker with a pendant on the front. This season is all about chokers; whether it is thin and plastic or thick and velvet—anything goes! To complete this look this Fashionista added a pair of black ankle boots.

To me this look screams cold late winter day—it’s perfect for class or even running errands and exploring. Stay warm out there, Fashionistas/os!