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February 25th, 2015 at 2:05am

As the bleak winter crawls on, Fashionistas and Fashionistos are becoming starved for some color. The ground is white, the buildings are tan and the sky is gray. While the Valentine’s Day excitement brought some pinks and reds back into our lives, these girly hues have already slipped back into remission. What we all need desperately in our lives is a pop of color. For some, a brightly colored purse or tote may do the trick. Others keep their beauty bright with bold lip colors and hot pink nails. For me, I keep color on my side with turquoise jewelry and a bright red hat.

This Fashionista brings color into her everyday style with her earthy green coat. While on the hunt for some Madison style, this green coat popped right out at me, drawing me in to applaud her unique look. For her other cold weather accents, this Fashionista wears a black and white knit scarf and a golden brown Carhartt hat. Under her much-needed winter wear, a knit white sweater and white and black skirt offer a girly side to her boho coat. What I love about this coat is not only its color, I also love the way it fits. Its longer, baggy feel is super trendy right now and offers warmth without sacrificing any style. I think a coat this style would also look amazing in a mustard gold with blue accents.

How To: Can’t find the right look for your jacket? Try hitting up some thrift stores in your area. Their oversized coats will be worn in and much cheaper. You may even luck out and find some fun, vintage boots to complement your new coat.