From as early as I can remember, having the coolest backpack on the first day of school was a must. I had to have the best place to put all of my Lisa Frank folders, pencils and other school supplies that a first-grader carried around. Clearly, a young Fashionista was in the making. From my Winnie-the-Pooh backpack on wheels in the second grade to the upgraded, oversized Victoria’s Secret tote I carried around my senior year in high school, a backpack has quickly transitioned itself from an everyday school necessity to a must-have fashion statement.

So how does one rock a backpack from school to the street? Luckily for you, this Fashionisto mastered the skill and took this backpack fad and used it to create a totally #RAD outfit. This cool dude pulls off a camouflage Herschel backpack for a fun and edgy statement. It gives him a place to stash his wallet, keys and whatever else he might need to take with him on the go. Aside from his ultra-funky backpack, he keeps the rest of his outfit simple with a fitted long sleeve shirt and matching black skinny jeans.

To stay warm, yet stylish, he throws on a hooded fleece parka and accessorizes the blacked out outfit with bold silver rings and a matching silver chain; this Fashionisto clearly knows his fashion.

As if this Fashionisto wasn’t trendy enough already, he knows how to mix different colors and tones by creating a contrast between his all-black ensemble and his chocolate brown Dr. Martens boots, complementing his Hershel camouflage backpack.

How To: Swap out your everyday handbag or wallet for a fun patterned or edgy backpack for an exciting day on the go; however, leave the Winnie-the-Pooh backpack on wheels at home.