It’s not the first time we’re seeing this button-up and sweater combo, and it’s certainly not the last. If you haven’t already, get down to the mall and buy yourself a chambray or plaid shirt, because after you see this Fashionista, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t already. With such a geek-chic ensemble, you’ll be impressing more than just your classmates.

Most of the time, this combination looks very structured. If you stick to the classic chambray button-up under a cable knit sweater and over everyday jeans, you’ll be playing it safe. That’s this fantastic combination in its original form. Since then, however, Fashionistas everywhere have been playing with these button-up/sweater forms. The button-ups that are layered underneath are no longer simple chambray, like this Fashionista’s. Plaid or other fun prints work equally as well. But the creativity doesn’t stop there! Plain sweaters look chic and classic, but opting for a graphic sweater won’t let you down when trying out this lasting trend. Since it’s been around for so long, don’t be afraid to have fun with it. Make it your own.

This Fashionista chose the classic route. It’s an oldie, but a goodie. However, instead of choosing a pair of jeans to go with her gray sweater and light chambray top, this Fashionista took comfort into consideration and went for her warm, fleece-lined leggings to fight this bitter northern cold. To complete her look, she slipped on a pair of tall black riding boots and clasped a simple statement necklace that ran close along her collar. If you like this look as much as I (and the rest of the world) do, then read on to learn how this look can become yours, too. There’s a reason this trend stuck around for so long.

How To: Even though pairing a long sleeve under a sweater seems optimal and super warm, sometimes it’s a little too warm once you’re sitting down in your overheated classroom. Try opting for a short sleeve button-up rather than a longer sleeve. This way, you can achieve the same look, without having to tuck and pull at your sleeves all day. Finish the look with some jeans or leggings and a pair of boots. Don’t forget a necklace and a bracelet or two for some added eye candy!