ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cohesively Structured

With summer coming to a close, that means internships are ending, as well. Gone are the days of attending long work hours and in are the days of beginning first semester classes. Well, I guess the long work hours don’t change! Depending on your summer internship you might’ve had to dress casual, or had to dress it up while being in the office. This Fashionisto demonstrates what cohesive office apparel should look like.

This Fashionisto’s collared plaid dress shirt makes his outfit more eye appealing. The blue and black pattern of the shirt gives his outfit more dimension, rather than wearing just a solid colored dress shirt. Wearing a pattern will make you more likely to stand out, especially when trying to impress your boss!

Another important aspect of this Fashionisto’s outfit is how he cohesively incorporates all of his pieces. His black belt and shoes tie in nicely with the touches of black in his shirt, keeping his outfit from being too distracting. Patterned components of an outfit can easily be worn as long as you don’t distract in other aspects of the outfit. Keep the outfit simple like this Fashionisto did by adding solid black touches and khaki pants, and the patterned aspect of the outfit will be sure to stand out.

How To: Have you ever been afraid to stand out in patterned apparel? Simply choose just one of your favorite patterned pieces and pair it with the rest of your toned down outfit. By keeping the rest of your outfit simple, everyone’s eye will be attracted to the one standout piece.