ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cloggin’ Through Fall

Happy turkey month Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I cannot believe it is already November and we will be stuffing our faces full of turkey in just a few weeks! The weather has been a little wild lately here in Kent, Ohio, so I have been able to pull out my chunky sweaters and scarves sometimes, but then put them away again because it gets a little too warm. However, I did spot this Fashionista sporting a very comfortable fall look for when those fall days are in the upper 60s and sunny. She is rocking some major fall trends, too. There are so many trends happening this fall but I think my favorite is the classic wooden shoe, the clog.

This Fashionista was rocking the clunky clog trend. Clogs are the grandma-approved shoe and are currently on-trend. There are different styles of clogs such as backless, slingbacks, western, platform… the list goes on. The clog has made an appearance in Vogue, ELLE and even the New York Times for trending shoes this fall. This Fashionista knows exactly how to wear them and style them. You can find her clogs in Free People, and they offer many different colors and styles.

Now that we have discussed the trend of clogs and where to buy them, let’s take a look at the rest of her outfit. This Fashionista’s top is a white, fuzzy long sleeve sweater from a boutique back in her hometown. She threw on a black and white striped pencil midi skirt and black sunglasses to finish off the look. She added a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings just to add a little pop of color to her outfit. If you need some advice on how to wear clogs or inspiration on how to style them just look at this Fashionista, she’s got you covered. Now the real question is are you going to give clogs a chance in your wardrobe this fall?