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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cinched at the Waist

Something as simple as the silhouette of an outfit can change the overall feeling of a look. Making the hem of a dress longer, and taking away a sleeve and the placement of seams can all contribute to the silhouette of a design. A classic example of a change in the silhouette is “The New Look” coming out of the house of Dior following World War II. Since the revolution of The New Look, fashion designers have been playing with the idea of expanding the silhouette beyond the normal—pushing the boundaries.

Sometimes, all it takes to change the silhouette of a design is a cinch at the waist. This Fashionsta caught my eye with her mini skirt and high neckline top. This look plays on the border of fun but still remains serious which makes it perfect to wear to class. I love the unique shape of the cardigan combined with the mini skirt that this outfit provides. It gives the Fashionista a boxy silhouette, but at the same time also incorporates curvature within the outfit. Immediately, my eye travels to the buttons on the skirt and then works its way around the entire silhouette. This outfit feels well put together and provides a feeling of unity to an onlooker.

How To: Find a skirt that hugs your waist. Then, layer it with a formfitting tank top. Finally, find a mid-length cardigan that will provide a subtle hint of color to the outfit but in turn will not take away from the focal point of where the skirt and shirt meet.