Not going to lie, when chokers first started making a comeback I was pretty skeptical. They kept giving me flashbacks to my days of being a five year old, full of popsicles and Britney Spears. Despite these weird memories, chokers have definitely grown on me now and this Fashionista is a great example of how they can put an edge on a simple summer look. I think they are a great addition to any look, whether it be a day out shopping or night out on the town. There are also some different types of chokers today than what I remember from the ’90s. My personal favorite is this gold choker or a simple black choker like the one shown in this look.

I love how this Fashionista has taken a simple T-shirt dress and added fun details to give it an edge and set her apart. Her gladiator shoes and black choker are both great additions to change up a look. Since her shoes make such a statement, she doesn’t need much to complete her look! I am loving gladiator shoes this season and this Fashionista shows a great way to style them! The black choker ties the whole look together, creating an edgy and chic look for a summer day. I think T-shirt dresses are perfect for the summertime because they are so light and comfortable yet still versatile. You can add whatever details you’d like to give them your own personal twist and style.

How To: The ’90s are making their comeback, and I challenge you to embrace the trend and style a choker into your summer look. Whether you like girly, boho or edgy there is a style for you. Since these accessories are so simple they look great layered with a bunch of other necklaces or stand great on their own!