April 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring has sprung! Well, not to its full potential. The weather in North Carolina has been crazy.  While you might have worn a pair of shorts today, you might have to pull a sweater out of your closet tomorrow. Don’t know what to wear on those chilly spring days? Don’t worry, this Fashionista has got you covered!

I was drawn into this Fashionista’s outfit due to her large number of accessories. When you first glance at her, it seems like she has a complicated outfit on. The truth is, this Fashionista took simple items, such as denim jeans and a plain black sweater, and took them to a whole new level with her accessories. While it can be hard to pick an outfit for a cold spring day, the options are endless when you start off with simple staples.

This Fashionista starts off with a simple black sweater and a pair of jeans. In order to spice things up, she adds a pop of color with her vintage brick-red vest. The tricky part of getting dressed for cold spring days is picking an outfit that is not too wintery. To keep things a little lighter and avoid the all dark colors that we tend to go for during colder days, she adds some brown booties and a tan hat to the outfit. To put the cherry on top, she styles her hair in a braid for a more effortless look.

Remember girls, it is all about the details, so feel free to add some jewelry to finalize your look. Last but not least, remember that when using your fall and winter staples for a spring outfit, it’s always a good idea to keep your hair and makeup natural for a fresh look.

How To: To recreate this Fashionista’s look, start by grabbing your favorite pair of dark jeans. As for your top, add a plain, long sleeve sweater using a color of your choice. Wear a comfortable, yet cute pair of ankle booties that match your floppy hat! Feel free to add as many accessories as you want and get creative with it! This Fashionista chose to add some gold hoop earrings and a gold watch for a final touch. This outfit is so simple; you can not get it wrong!