ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chic Summer Hats

If you know how to accessorize your ensemble correctly, you can create a stylish and unique look by playing with the simplest pieces. Take the hat for example; it is a piece that can be vital in order to transform your look from casual to trendy and chic. They aren’t just for bad hair days anymore, although putting on a hat is way easier than styling/taming your hair. Hats are flattering and can really put an outfit together.

Today’s Fashionista captured the essence of the hat trend perfectly. She chose to stick with a classic black panama hat to complete her outfit. Typically, panama hats are versatile and can be worn during both the summer and winter months. You can wear them with a sweater and booties during the cooler months. Or you could pair them with a black crop top and high-waisted jean shorts for a more casual summer look like this Fashionista. A simple hat can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in just a matter of seconds. This summer, don’t be afraid to throw on a hat and stand out from the crowd.

How To: Some people may feel a little ridiculous venturing into the public with a hat, especially when living in a small town such as Columbia, Missouri. When first picking out a hat, keep it simple. Try on neutral and classic hats that make you feel comfortable and confident. You can then pair it with your favorite sundress or even just a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans. The trick is to wear the hat and not let it wear you. Go for it and own it!