October 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Sunshine, pumpkin spice, and everything nice. The transition between summer and fall seems to creep up fast than Apple can come out with a new product. So, what is a Fashionista to do? Take the two and put them together.

This Fashionista does it perfectly with her use of a basic aztec print sundress in neutral tones, paired with a contrasting statement necklace and sandals in bold black. Not only does this look allow for a fabulous day of people watching in the sun sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, it is a look fit for fall because of the contrast of the warmer colors and neutrals.

Colors in fashion change just like the seasons, naturally and seamlessly.

This dress in an Aztec pattern translates the summer vibes, but the orange print, falling under the neutral coloring category, paves way for a seamless entry into fall fashion. Then, the added black statement necklace from A.C. Moore really, “makes the outfit pop” and “completes the look to make the outfit more fashionable” says this Fashionista.

As the months get colder, pair this ensemble with a cardigan and you’re still fashion forward for fall!

How To: What girl can’t relate to the scenario of looking in the closet and having nothing to wear? Luckily, we have this Fashionista to thank for some inspiration as the leaves change and the style shifts. To get this look simply take a simply find a dress with warm colors, no matter if it is short sleeve, three quarter sleeve or long sleeve, and pair with a statement piece that will contrast to the colors in the pattern (black or white are always a safe bet)! This Fashionista matched the statement black in both her sandals and her necklace to tie the piece together. It is important to remember, although the point is to contrast to draw attention to the look, it is critical to complete the look from head to toe, so make sure to keep one pop of color constant while contrasting.