ALL IN THE DETAILS: Changing Colors

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Changing Colors

With fall slowly blooming and fashion trends starting to change, it’s hard to think that for some of us, it’s still 80-degrees out on the daily. On my campus, I’ve seen a couple leaves change color and I’ve seen people walking around in jeans. Personally, I love shorts season, so seeing people walk around in jeans every day is well, scary. While I understand people have labs and have to wear pants, some people have just accepted that fall is coming and it is time to make the switch to jeans and soon we will be pulling out our blanket scarves and vests.

While that all sounds exciting and scary all at the same time, this Fashionista started with just changing a few things. She has started switching her wardrobe over from bright summer colors to neutrals that are perfect for fall. Her black and white striped skirt doesn’t scream summer, yet it won’t cause her to die of a heat stroke in this weather. The black crop top really accentuates the skirt allowing for a care-free neutral look. Now if you really want to get into details, the slight ombre look hasn’t gone out of style as this Fashionista is showing. Her hair really helps to make this look complete. The ombre, from brunette to blonde, represents the season, fall is coming and summer is leaving, just like the leaves on the trees.

While this Fashionista is ready for classes, this look can be taken into any situation. She looks put together and ready to go. The hints of silver on her wrists really help to make her look put together. You could wear this outfit with anything from TOMS to heels. The only suggestion I have is to add a favorite lipstick, anything could really work with all these neutrals. This Fashionista has really got her style put together.

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