ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chain Reaction

This Fashionista knows just how to put together an adorable outfit in a sea of bland winter apparel. With the frigid temperatures never ending layering on a multitude neutrals seems like the go-to option, however this Fashionista takes her look to the next level by adding a little sparkle to a dreary day. She is all about the details with her amazing layers of stylish gems and pretty chains.

The foundation of this Fashionista’s look is perfect for winter in the city. Her soft gray T-shirt is great layered under a warm black vest. The simplicity of the overall look is perfect because it allows the necklaces to be the main focus without going overboard. This Fashionista chose several different necklaces in different lengths and charms to replicate a stunning, yet cool-girl vibe. You can put together your own necklaces to achieve this amazing layering effect, or purchase a trio of necklaces already put together. Personally, this is when I love vintage shopping for that one piece to set the tone for my other necklaces. Because the overall aesthetic of the rest of the outfit is pretty minimal, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with something a bit more unique.

How To: Are you on a time crunch trying get yourself prepared for a fashionable day of class? Then look no further because there is no outfit that is more simple to replicate and looks so chic and fashion-forward. Start with a cute pair of leggings or jeans and plain loose fitting top. Then add some shine by throwing on two to five complementing necklaces in varying lengths and finishes. If you have one necklace that is more bold, keep the others more simple without being over the top. Most importantly, have some fun with this, necklaces are one size fits all! So let the creative juices flow and don’t get discouraged by not feeling worthy of a trend. You totally are!