ALL IN THE DETAILS: Chain Reaction

Beyoncé, Rihanna and Niykee. All three powerful women have something totally in common. Amazing full-figured bodies? The voice of an angel? While both of these answers are correct, neither are the exact response I am looking for. These women have redefined social media, music and fashion. They continuously push the boundaries of appearance, blurring the lines of class and sexuality in their clothing styles. The commonality between these three goddesses is not in clothing so much as more of an accentuation of their bodies, an accessory if you will. Yes, you guessed it! I am talking about body chains. Non-traditional jewelry is back on trend and specifically a hot one for the summer. While this trend has some people thrown off and not wanting to look like a belly dancer, so many are embracing this insanely attractive and seductive style. Body chains are possibly the most versatile piece of jewelry ever created and are perfect for any outfit. You can go completely scandalous and tantalizing, or play it safe while remaining effortlessly chic.

Body chains are also perfect for adding some flair to an everyday outfit as seen here with this week’s Fashionista! Subtly placed against her adorably cool Aztec patterns of her mini skirt, a multi-layered body chain rests quite nicely. While it is not a full body chain draping down from her chest and middle section, this chain acts more like a belt. The whole vibe is very gypsy, boho trendy, and we’re loving it. Now let’s not forget to mention the rest of the ensemble. She plays down the dressiness of the mini skirt with a simple black and white striped V-neck. Just when you think the outfit couldn’t get anymore stylish, this Fashionista adds a whole new dynamic to the look by placing a high collared, caged black bralette underneath the T-shirt. The fun thing about this new style of bandeau is that it takes the place of having to wear a bulky necklace and a bra. Holla! Finally, the look is finished off with an incredible pair of Jeffrey Campbell black snakeskin booties.

Now you see there are so many ways to make the body chain work for your style. Don’t be afraid to try new things; you’ll be glad you didn’t. So what are you waiting for? Body chains are flying off the shelves. Go get yours before it’s too late.

How To: If you are more on the conservative side, a body chain would look completely chic over a crisp white button down and black draped vest. If you are more on the dangerous side—flaunt it, girl! Put on that deep-v body suit you’ve been dying to wear with your favorite heels, and let the chains hang low.