ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casual V-Neck and a Tote

Hi Fashionistas/os! I hope you are all relaxing, traveling or, if you are like me, taking summer classes.

This week we have an old Fashionista back again, wearing a trendy tote and a casual V-neck. Simplicity, in my opinion, is the way to go. I feel that whether it is going to class or even going to a doctor’s appointment, V-necks are simple and comfortable. This Fashionista effortlessly wore the V-neck along with the hip boat shoes and also used different colors in her look as well. To add on, sometimes various colors can be overwhelming, but she blends the colors nicely to create a fusion of casual and trendy. I believe that the different textures and colors provide freshness and enhance the look, which makes each part of the outfit eye-catching. The special factor is the chocolate tote, which complements the orange color of the shirt with the jeans.

A pivotal component of the look that I want to point out is the tote itself. I adore this bag because not only is the bag functional in carrying books or even a laptop, it is also stylish as well. The bag hints elegance and depicts “business” fashion even if one wears casual clothing.

How To: The best part of the shirt is that you can pair it with a long sweater or even a jacket. Furthermore, the V-neck does not have to be particularly used for the summer, as it can be used for any season. When the weather is cool, one can use the V-neck of any color with an outerwear, along with some jeans. Don’t forget a tote as well!