ALL IN THE DETAILS: Casual, Comfy, Cute

In the midst of midterms, jobs, homework and maybe a little bit of sleep, style slowly summons to a drag. Keeping outfits casual, comfy and cute can be an ongoing challenge and stress for college gals and guys all over. This month’s Fashionista is all about the details and she is not afraid to go grunge!

Distressed jeans are back in style and ladies they are comfy! Tearing up your jeans is an easy and affordable way to stylize any look. Especially in a hot and humid environment like sunny SoCal, distressed denim can be a fantastic alternative to the classic jean shorts we all tend to fall back on. But how can we pull off wearing Torn jeans and keep ourselves looking put together to both our professors and colleagues?

Grunge apparel appeared in the 1970s and ’80s during the punk era, in which DIY and distressed denim became associated with rebellion, corruption and freedom. Youth all over the world utilized this trend because it was affordable and conveyed a message to the public. Now, ironically these jeans can be seen on hot couture runways all over the world! And the style is no longer restricted to rebellious hooligans or rock stars. As seen in magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue, distressed apparel can be both edgy and sophisticated. But just because this style can be purchased for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars, it doesn’t mean you can’t embody the original punks and do it yourself!

Get creative! Constantly purchasing new clothing to fulfill a current trend is not realistic for most college students. This Fashionista is not afraid to take risks and experiment! By pairing a light-wash, denim button-down with a plaid shirt, this lovely lady embodies the punk movement and takes DIY to a whole new level! And because her shirt is not too revealing or tight, her distressed skinny jean is balanced out with a loose-fitted top, creating a look that’s both edgy and appropriate for the classroom!

To top it off, this Fashionista adds pops of red with a bold lip and a funky pair of high-tops.

How To: Afraid to rock the red lip? Take a risk! Try wearing little to no eye makeup and simple, solid colored clothing. This way your bold lips aren’t overwhelming, but rather complimentary to your outfit’s simplicity!