Whether you’re a girl or guy, everyone has their go to classic look that makes them feel comfortable and stylish. These past two months Jersey has been blessed with a lot of sunshine filled days, making the choices for clothing pretty simple—shorts, shorts and more shorts.

Girls have many options when it comes to bottoms: shorts come in all different shapes, fabrics and colors. On the other hand, I feel like we see guys in a lot of the same choices, mesh workout ones. I can’t blame them, they keep you cool and feel like you haven’t changed out of your pajamas, however I think it’s time to step out and change it up a bit for the rest of the summer months.

Cargo shorts have been around for ages and they look stylish on both men and women. The beauty of the cargo short is that they come in all different colors, making them super versatile and able to match with just about any look that you’re going for. This particular Fashionisto is wearing the basic cargo short in a dark khaki color and he paired it well with a bright, fun tank for those hot days.

I think that this outfit can be worn for a number of different occasions. This particular one is for a concert on the beach which I think is an excellent choice, especially with the teal blue color in the tank. I think it blends exceptionally well with the color of the shorts. This outfit would also go great for a sporting event, date night, shopping trip or even a night at the boardwalk. Personally, what I think pulls the whole outfit together is the dark black sneakers. The fact that black is the majority of the shirt really makes it match from head to toe. Wearing a nice silver watch does dress this particular look up, which shows how flexible it really is.

How To: I would buy a cargo short in all different colors like dark blue, tan and even white if you want to be a little daring and step out of your comfort zone. White shorts go great with a nice pastel or salmon colored collared shirt to wow your friends, family or special someone at your next barbecue.