ALL IN THE DETAILS: Cape Calm And Carry On

September 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

With our professors constantly reminding us of the pending assignments that we have to complete, school can get daunting at times. In our own little worlds we need a superhero at times. What better way to make the average #GirlBoss (or BoyBoss) feel like they can do anything than wearing a cape?  If you’ve ever associated capes with your favorite villains, this Fashionista is here to change your mind.

This Fashionista’s cape is perfect for the ever changing weather. Instead of wearing a frumpy sweatshirt, this Fashionista decided to add an edgy denim cape to a simple dress. The cape is the perfect accessory. Depending on the fabric it is made with, the cape could add an edgy, flirty or classic feel to your outfit. Whether long or short, a cape will be the highlight of your outfit. Accessories like these are pivotal in the upcoming fall season. A cape dress can amp up any Fashionista’s wardrobe. Adding a few accessories to complement the look like arm bangles, bold lipstick or trendy earrings would be the icing on the cake.

This Fashionista is also a pro at complementing the different tones and textures of her outfit to make it complete. From the oxblood dress complementing the ethnic print head band to the sunglasses complementing the dark leather booties; this outfit is a winner in my book.

How To: If you ever want to feel like Wonder Woman (or Superman) an open blazer or jacket hanging just on your shoulders should suffice. Make sure to make the cape a focal point of your ensemble.