ALL IN THE DETAILS: Camofabulous

March 17th, 2016 at 2:00am

One trend that is currently sweeping the fashion community is camouflage! We’ve all seen our favorite celebrities wearing this trendy detail, and they are rocking it. The camo look is the perfect way to bring together any look. A great aspect of this super chic and trendy detail is that you can either be edgy with it, like this beautiful Fashionista, or you can go for a more reserved camo look that only accents it a little bit.

For years, camouflage has been a design that is universal, but over the past few months, it has become more and more apparent in day-to-day attire for people. This minor detail and pattern is a pivotal component in any outfit because it gives an outfit a more edgy and fierce appearance. Camouflage, like other patterns, makes a statement when you wear it. The reason this pattern is a must-have item is that it can be worn anywhere such as to class, a day out and even a night out. If rocking the edgy version of this look isn’t for you and you prefer to have a subtler look, there are some options for you!

How To: There are a multitude of ways to wear camouflage, and this look is very easy to obtain! In order to have that edgy/gothic look, you have to be willing to go dark. For the darker look, we can use this fierce Fashionista photographed above as an example. Her outfit consists of a black beanie, a black crop top, black boots, dark maroon matte lipstick and, of course, her camouflage pants!  Now for those who like a subtler look, the camouflage does not have to be as big of statement piece. You can bring in this cool pattern by having it in patches on a jacket or pants, on a bag or rock it on shoes! Also, the pattern of camouflage can come in a multitude of colors, so it makes this pattern even more versatile. This look can work for anyone, and you will never go unnoticed!