And just like that, fall is back. Fashionistas everywhere are swapping out their summer staples for the autumn apparel we’ve all come to adore. Say goodbye to sundresses and strappy sandals and hello to relaxed jeans and chic booties. This season is a trendsetter’s dream because of the mild weather and easy apparel alternatives. The scorching summer heat is a problem of the past, yet there’s still time before the winter cold forces one into three layers of sweaters and knee-high boots. Because the weather is so favorable, the outfit options are endless. Want to rock a loose tank top and comfy cardigan on a chilly fall day? Go for it. Feel like pairing boyfriend jeans with a laid back crop top? All the power to you. This season is the equivalent to one’s life before they entered college: balanced and approachable.

Because fall days are neither hot, nor cold, but simply a combination of the two, it’s best to dress accordingly. While a sweater and jeans may be too warm for the crisp fall day ahead of you, pairing those same jeans with a light top and booties would be ideal. This Fashionista is showing how you can take bold jeans, such as camo patterned jeans, then pair them with a basic v-neck top and booties to make the perfect fall ensemble. Interesting jeans, such a colored or patterned jeans, are perfect for the fall because they can easily be paired with a plain T-shirt and necklace for a simple yet stylish outfit.

How To: The best thing about this look is that it’s easy to imitate. Denim is something that never goes out of style and can be worn in so many different ways. Patterned jeans are amazing for fall because they are appropriate for the cooler days and make a statement with just one piece of clothing. Once you have patterned jeans, all you need is a baisc top because anything else would make the outfit too cluttered. This season was made for casual jeans, so when in doubt opt for unique denim, a simple T-shirt and booties to pull the look together.