ALL IN THE DETAILS: Button Up, Beautiful

October 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

When it comes to putting on a skirt, most have itty bitty zippers tucked away by converging folds of fabric. Well, this fall’s hottest street style trend is nothing along the lines of secretive or secretive. Instead, bold buttons aligned beneath belly buttons nearly scream out “I fasten my skirt in the front, and I don’t care!”

This Fashionista’s urban-chic style perfectly reflected the Fullerton stop’s energy: young, fresh and natural. Nothing seemed forced, she was just wearing what felt right. A button-up skirt in a plum color made of corduroy is definitely deserving of some closet envy. Aside from the fact that the skirt is a button-up, corduroy is a highly sought after fabric this season. Its texture adds a cozier feel to an outfit while maintaining a crisp silhouette. Pairing the skirt with a soft gray, ribbed sweater was a smart move as well. The wider spaced ridges added a nice textural contrast to the corduroy’s thin rows. The neutral color also allowed the richness of the plum to be the focal point. Lastly, what good is an urban outfit without a trusty pair of heeled booties?

How To: To emulate this look, two major ingredients are needed. First off, get your hands on a button-up skirt. It is definitely worth the investment; you can dress it up, down, and maybe even sideways if you go crazy with it. If you don’t like corduroy, maybe try denim or suede on for size! Secondly, you will need a sweater (the simpler the better). I personally prefer a ribbed and cropped sweater, because I love texture play, and most of my bottoms are high wasted (it avoids any bulges that come along with tucking tops in). Make this outfit truly your own with your favorite pair of shoes and/or handbag, and stay fearless this fall.