ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business Behavior

As college students who will soon be thrown into the real world of employment, dressing business-savvy and leaving a memorable but positive first impression during interviews is definitely becoming a priority. Because chucking on a crisp suit or dress pants can seem like an uncomfortable departure from our days of experimental style as students, it can be hard to give a professional ensemble a more personal touch. As there is less freedom when it comes to what types of clothing constitute as business appropriate and what do not, I believe that the best way to make a statement in a prospective new workplace is to focus on the accessories. By focusing on the details of your outfit to make it your own, you don’t have to jeopardize the professionalism of your look in order to stand out.

This Fashionisto’s rose gold watch, vintage-inspired sunglasses and super trendy dress shoes all pair perfectly together to make otherwise standard business attire his own style. The on-trend color of his Rado watch help to spice up a monochromatic outfit, while the black leather banding pulls the accessory in with his dress pants. The stitched details of Steve Madden shoes give off a more classy vibe that still leaves the impression that he’s up to date on the latest in men’s footwear. Lastly, but certainly not least, this Fashionisto’s Ray-Ban sunglasses with a unique top-only frame allow him to appear laid back and ready to nail whatever business venture he’s off to. Although his Perry Ellis polo shirt and Mark Anthony pants don’t do him a disservice on their own, the details are what really make this outfit personal, yet still job interview appropriate.

How To: Have you always wondered how to add personal style to a professional outfit without seeming over-the-top? The perfect way to stand out is by adding trendy details to a business-savvy look.