ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business As Usual

March 13th, 2015 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Business As Usual

There are plenty of times in a college student’s life when they find themselves having to wear business casual attire. Whether it is for a job interview, a classroom presentation or a chapter meeting for your fraternity, it is important to look your best. When you’re dressed to impress it is much easier to feel confident and comfortable in front of your peers or superiors, regardless of the occasion. And there are some majors, such as business, that require students to dress up for class more than others in order to prepare them for their careers.

I spotted this Fashionisto, a marketing major, dressed perfectly for any campus function. He managed to maintain a professional appearance while not looking overdressed. He styled his button-down shirt with a pair of khakis and a patterned blazer. My favorite part about his look was the different patterned details of the shirt and blazer. Both prints were muted enough not to clash with one another, while the pairing still looked cool enough to keep this outfit from looking stuffy.

This Fashionisto kept his accessories minimal with a watch and a classic leather belt. He also didn’t wear a tie, which helped to keep his outfit on the casual side. Lastly, this Fashionisto chose to wear lace-up leather ankle boots, an updated take on classic leather dress shoes. By keeping his accessories simple and opting for more casual shoes, this Fashionisto was able to nail the business casual look.

How To: Try mixing prints, as this Fashionisto did, to keep your business casual looks from getting drab. Contrasting prints work best, as this Fashionisto paired small and large plaid patterns. Since the colors and sizes of the patterns contrasted rather than competed, he was able to pull of the look flawlessly. Avoid pairing prints that are too busy, or else your business casual look will become an eyesore.