ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bundle Of (Bracelet) Joy

June 10th, 2015 at 2:00am

Accessorizing has always been a challenge of mine. I am able to throw together an outfit, but without the right accessories, the look I am trying to accomplish feels incomplete. I want something more than a watch, ring and studs. But what is that “something?” It’s called bundling. Now, to make myself clear, I’m not referring to bundling insurance policies. What I’m talking about is much more crucial, for an ideal outfit, of course—bundling bracelets. Bundling bracelets is almost like layering your outfit. Bundling is about pairing different bracelets that tie your outfit together in several different ways.

Still not sure what I’m talking about? Well, let’s look at our Fashionista for some bundling assistance. This Fashionista bundled her bracelets with a watch. She has two bracelets. One is a clear, wrap bracelet, and the second is a thick, dark brown leather strap. The latter is unique because it has the state of Tennessee as the focal point, adding a little design. Lastly, she added a light brown, leather wrap watch, which completes her bundle. This Fashionista mixed and matched different browns, but she carried a common theme of silver to tie all three pieces together for that perfect bundled look!

How To: Keep your outfit simple, and let your wrists do the talking. Start off your bundle with three pieces of jewelry (for a more dramatic look add more bracelets). To accomplish a neutral look, I would pair a braided, leather wrap bracelet with a bracelet that showcases a design for added texture. Lastly, I would add another wrap bracelet to complete the look. Happy bundling!