ALL IN THE DETAILS: Buffalo Checked

One of my favorite parts of campus style is seeing the guys at my school stepping it up with their style. The go-to combo that most of them wear seems to be khakis with a button-down and a fleece vest. While this looks nice, and is preferable to some other outfits, it’s still great to see some of the male students expressing their individuality through their clothes. This Fashionisto is actually one of my regular classmates and a fellow Fashion Design major and, to be honest, he’s usually better dressed than most of the female students in our classes (including myself).

Here, he demonstrates how to tie a bold print into your outfit. Buffalo check is a nice alternative to plaid (in case you’re starting to feel like a Nirvana wannabe in the flannels that have been in for the past two seasons). This Fashionisto manages to feature it in not just his shirt, but also in his shoes. His casual pants and plain T-shirt complement the bold check and allow it to take center stage. This trend is so great because it can be rocked by both Fashionistas and Fashionistos! This shirt is a great option for all you guys out there and there’s a more drapey version for the ladies. Some casual sneakers will complete both masculine and feminine outfits.

How To: Plaid shirts are great to throw over an outfit instead of a cardigan or a hoodie. Keep the rest of the colors in your outfit subdued so the check print is allowed to be the focal point of your look.