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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bringin' On The Boho

When I think of all the different kinds of styles out there, whether it be preppy, trendy, edgy or something else along those lines, there is one style that I identify with more than anything: bohemian. With my favorite store being Free People and my personality being independent and adventurous, I feel that the bohemian look really captures who I am as a person. So when I spotted this Fashionista walking to class, I immediately fell in love with the way she beautifully styled her bohemian look for the day.

When you are trying to piece together fun and fresh new outfits for the new season, why not bring a bit of a bohemian flair? This Fashionista is rocking her outfit for class, but it could so easily be worn to parties and social events as well, especially since it’s highlighted by the cutest accessories. To start, she paired her Ralph Lauren sweatshirt with a pair of olive skinny jeans and a bold Western-inspired pair of ankle boots.

As far as accessories go, her faux leather backpack paired with her eclectic bracelet and ring collection only add to this Fashionista’s fiercely bohemian vibe. Additional touches to the outfit that are subtle hints of bohemian pops are her sweater socks layered over her jeans and her many layers of necklaces, all with different lengths and textures.

How To: Are you craving an outfit that just brings out your free-spirited self? Try to add in accessories, such as layered jewelry and any kind of a head wrap to create the effortless, rugged vibe that boho brings with it.