ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bring Your Own Baggage

As a little girl, my mom always told me, “You can never have too many shoes and bags.” As I get older, I realize how true this is! One of my favorite purchases this summer was a small leather backpack from Forever 21. It is cute and easy to carry, and is also able to fit a lot of things like my camera, notebook, makeup bag, wallet and pens. However, backpacks aren’t just for going to class; backpacks are a perfect bag to bring if you don’t feel like lugging around a tote bag or a satchel. Also, bonus points if your backpack has more than one pocket or compartment! Multiple compartments help you make sure that all of your valuables are secure when you’re traveling to your destination in a crowded train.

This Fashionista wore the perfect outfit to showcase her backpack. Her black and white striped dress, and black shoes keep the colors simple and similar. The dress’s stripes give this Fashionista a slimming look, and the black side panels give an edgy look to the dress. Her shoes also give this outfit a comfortable, yet stylish look and also properly showcase her cool foot tattoos, which create a great conversation starter. This Fashionista’s backpack is the perfect size for when you wish to store your camera, your books for a summer class, supplies for a picnic, a trip to an amusement park or a night on the town. Also, the gold hardware on this backpack enhances the edgy and stylish vibe this Fashionista is going for.

How To: Pair a cool dress with some stylish shoes and a rocking backpack, keeping your outfit light and easy for the summer heat.