ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bring That Class Here, Girl

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bring That Class Here, Girl

As spring rolls in, the fashion world seems to be moving away from dark, sultry looks and diving head first into brighter, classy territory. I found the perfect Fashionista to show off exactly what it means to marry pops of color and youth with underlying hints of dark, sexy vamp. Fifty shades of… Easter?

This Fashionista’s look is perfect for afternoon classes, a day out with friends, and can even be tweaked to make the perfect outfit for a night out. The first thing I noticed about this outfit was the booties! This Fashionista had on an adorable pair of booties that instantly boosts the look while showing off just how confident and unique this Fashionista is. The next thing to catch my attention was the pop of color strategically placed both on her lips and under her shirt. The red tank under the blouse is eye-catching and shows that this outfit took more than five minutes to put together—she dressed with purpose. The red lip not only adds femininity and a monochromatic feel, it also shows off this stunning Fashionista’s personality.

I also love the return of the pinstripe shirt, which really brings maturity to the look. The way that the jeans are folded is a very important detail (whether they came that way or not). The cropped look gives an appropriate amount of space between the jeans and the booties that really allows the outfit the flow cleanly while incorporating youth and the latest fashion trends. By the way, did you notice that adorable backpack? Definitely throw in an eye-catching and fun accessory—you’ll be sure to gain some fans and, by the end the day, leave at least a few people admiring your style. Last but not least, I love the bold eyebrows and the somehow dramatic yet simple eye look—a must for springtime. From the way the hair is colored to the laces of the booties, everything works together to create a flawless, modern look.

To transition this look for nighttime, try unbuttoning the blouse a bit and letting some shoulder show. If you’re daring, following in the footsteps of Hollywood’s fashion princesses and swap out the tank top for a dark colored lace bralette or bustier. You can also swap out the backpack for a statement clutch and the booties for some sky high stilettos. A great thing about this look is that it’s highly customizable. So mix up prints and let your personality show!