ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bring on the Fur

November has arrived, and so has the cold weather. We are finally breaking out of that summer/fall weather limbo, and are facing some temperatures we have not seen for quite some time. What is one of the most chic and effective ways of combating the cold temperatures? My go-to: (faux) fur.

This Fashionista has brought out her fur in a very polished, classic and functional manner. She pieced together her outfit by starting with the basics: black, skinny jeans and a white, sheer, button-down shirt. To keep her look clean and consistent, she paired her favorite pair of black booties with her black skinny jeans. While this Fashionista loves simplicity, she loves breaking out a sassy fur vest for the chilly days of winter. It pairs perfectly with just about any basic outfit, and her look here is a great example. By adding the fur vest, she takes the outfit to a whole new level, giving an originally simple outfit a chic and trendy feel. As for accessories, this Fashionista went with her select go-to items: an oversized Michael Kors watch (this is actually a men’s watch!), a gold necklace, a pair of stud earrings and black aviator sunglasses. This Fashionista is surely ready for a day of shopping, or a night on the town with her girlfriends!

Fur has been and will surely continue to be a huge trend for the winter months. I have always admired the element of sophistication that a fur vest or coat can add to a person’s look, and I highly recommend incorporating it into your wardrobe!

How To: Faux fur vests are everywhere! Throw one on over a casual outfit on a chilly day and you will instantly have transformed your look. Wear it all day and night; fur will always steal the show. You will surely have heads turning!