ALL IN THE DETAILS: Breezy Blues and Sirens of Gold

Now that summer has arrived, our only thoughts are on delicious ice cream and lovely beaches. Beneath the golden sparkle of the summer sun and stars, a careless attitude is exposed where we become more relaxed and enjoy the beauty of the sea. The rhythm of summer lies in hues of blue and gold. This Fashionista here is enduring her “Golden Age,” dripping in beautiful golden necklaces wrapped around her neck with a twist of silver, blue and diamond accessories.

To maintain a simple yet stylish ensemble, she incorporates a great detail of accessories to transform her outfit and add a spark. Since she is wearing a unique off-the-shoulder blue and white striped top, she incorporates a beautiful evil eye chain, which resembles the trend of chokers, and a golden name necklace in Arabic which adds a pop of culture to her outfit. Like the scorching summer sun she makes a bold statement with her many rings and noticeable watch. One of her rings is a double gold diamond studded ring which is very popular and offers a glow from the tip of a finger to the end. It is inevitable not to notice her large watch where diamonds are circulated on the outer part and dazzle her wrist.

The outfit becomes alive with small details incorporated in her look. Her combination of discrete yet noticeable earrings add to her radiating face and stylish outfit. This Fashionista is carrying a gorgeous Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that automatically correlates with the golden and blue tones of her accessories. To complete the outfit, her big black Dolce&Gabbana butterfly shaped sunglasses complement her in a superb way and offer a tone of confidence.

How To: Want this Fashionista’s look? Gather a bunch of rings, necklaces, earrings and sunglasses to transform a simple outfit into a dazzling Cinderella fit. With an effortless attitude, enter your runway and show how you rock any outfit with the right amount of detail.