ALL IN THE DETAILS: Breaking Rules and Mixing Neutrals

February 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Neutrals are the base of any great ensemble. They are the building blocks of fashion. But with these great basics comes a slew of longstanding advice that many Fashionistas/os have heard time and time again: don’t wear white after Labor Day, never wear black shoes with a brown belt or that navy and black should never be mixed. Sometimes, especially when it comes to style, rules were made to be broken.

The head to toe neutrals look has become vastly popular in recent seasons and has graced the likes of everyone from fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein of Weworewhat, to everyone’s favorite Kardashian sisters. There’s something chic and flattering about these basic shades that have stood the test of time. For that reason, sometimes they need to intermingle in a single ensemble.

This Fashionista dared to break the rules. She wears a camel coat with contrasting black leather sleeves. These two neutrals have complemented one another in endless combinations throughout the fashion world. But it is this Fashionista’s addition of the navy wool wide brim fedora hat that really pushes the boundaries and breaks the rule of “never mixing navy and black.” The navy hat with its black leather strap is a great addition to the ensemble that adds a little bit of color in an unexpected way.

This Fashionista knows the rules and breaks them well. She paired the camel coat with leather detailing with a simple pair of black jeans and black ankle boots. Her graphic tote bag, with the black and white graphic of Chinese lettering, adds an unexpected twist.

How To: Instead of your typical head to toe neutral ensemble, opt for two or three different hues. Don’t be afraid to throw in a white blouse with a camel coat and black jeans, or a grey dress with a black coat and taupe colored over the knee boots.