ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brave Little Body Chain

April 14th, 2016 at 2:10am

From crinoline structured hoop skirts to loose flowing pants and short-sleeved shirts, the evolution of female business wear has visibly transformed throughout the centuries to a fashionable trend of class, confidence and comfort. When you look good, you feel good, right? Women all over the world are continuing to break the dress code norms by incorporating some of their favorite pieces appropriate for different environments into their daily work attire. For instance, juggling her time as an excelling student and leader in her community, this Fashionista is a prime example of “dressing your best to success” as she never ceases to miss a day of exquisite #fashiongoals by staying updated with the latest trends and inspirationally making them her own to look good and feel good.

Sleeked up for a day filled with internship and school endeavors, this Fashionista has perfectly mastered a business casual outfit with a key component unfamiliar to the workplace, the body chain. This piece of jewelry is normally associated with beach filled days and pool parties but never in unison with a blazer. However, effectively worn with white rolled-up H&M skinny jeans, a gray rib roll turtleneck from her grandmother’s closet, a short sleeve pastel pink blazer, matching Forever 21 boots, a Michael Kors watch and Sun Ski sunglasses, the gold chain proves to be an effective solution and pivotal feature adding elegance to an already sophisticated attire.

A reoccurring theme in business wear is that women never wear low cut blouses for professional reasons and tend to skip out on excessive jewelry leaving a blank space of material in the center of the entire outfit. This casual poolside turned classy chain perfectly solves this issue as it extends to the four corners of the outfit with its draping side length features and its simplicity to not make a distracting flashy statement. Because of its shape and technique of being worn, this piece comfortably rests in the center of the gray canvas filling in the space and tying together every aspect of her outfit.

Similar to this Fashionista, many women have embraced their beauty and desire to shift out of their fashion comfort zones by wearing pieces, such as the body chain. This positive feeling of self-expression should definitely be acknowledged. By making this change, you can become a more confident and optimistic person around campus, inside the classroom, at your internship and ultimately in the workplace, helping you to be more driven towards success.

How To: Want to be confident in the workplace? Try adding a simple body chain over a simple blouse to add some flavor of confidence in your daily routine.