ALL IN THE DETAILS: Brace Yourself

Mixing and matching is always a fun way to spice up an outfit. Whether it be combining polka dots with stripes or pairing a bunch of different accessories together, the combination of different style trends always makes for a more interesting outfit.

This Fashionista does a brilliant job of not only using patterns and pops of color to express herself, but her accessories help to accentuate her outfit perfectly. The combination of her Alex and Ani bracelet with a more casual Lokai bracelet balances her outfit (literally and metaphorically), keeping her look simple but eye-popping. By layering on more bracelets, you are free to dress an outfit up or down. Wearing specific bracelets made of materials such as gold or silver will appear more eye-catching, while more neutral beaded bracelets will enhance an outfit without directing the viewers eye directly to the accessories themselves. Multicolored beaded bracelets can also give your outfit the spunk that it needs!

This Fashionista loves playing around with her accessories. She calls her personal style boho-chic-inspired. While she mixes and matches them just as she is also a huge fan of mixing and matching designer labels, whether it be with the items from her closet or the items from her jewelry box. It’s about the piece itself, not the brand. One simple accessory item such as a bracelet, ring or necklace can make a statement, but combining pieces together will draw in interest from spectators and make them wonder what exactly you’re trying to say about who you are!

How To: Feel like your T-shirt and jean combo just isn’t cutting it? Add a few contrasting accessory combos to dress yourself! The more confident you dress, the more confident you’ll feel!